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Who are we?

Since 2010, two honorable persons in their fifties, with no police record or criminal record, are victims of the dysfunction of the rule of law due to the systemic corruption of its professionals and institutions.

We were forced to request police protection and judicial protection of our rights, being attacked by a Guardia Civil officer. When we denounced him, we were confronted with mafia-like police and judicial actions against us.

We are asking for the intervention of police, judicial and political leaders, and we are faced with systemic corruption whose priority is to hide what has happened. A will that leads to a dysfunction of the rule of law in cases where there is clear and evident initial corruption. To do so, rule of law professionals have their own Language of Corruption (LC) which, through blatant Messages (MLCs), conveys to the higher instances that there is institutional corruption to be covered up. A minority of first instance judges do not participate in this systemic corruption of the judicial system.

We have understood that the systemic corruption of the politicians of "La Casta" is only possible in a context of systemic police and judicial corruption; therefore, democratic regeneration requires ending the impunity of the professionals of the State of Law, which has become the main Spanish problem:

Spanish State of Law professional = enemy of legality, justice and democracy

This experience led us to set up ANVIPED in September 2014, to create a structure to defend ourselves judicially from these corrupt and alleged criminals, as well as to help others who are also victims of these professionals of systemic institutional corruption.

In this way, we can participate in the radical change that can be represented as follows:

Spanish State Law Professional = defender of the Law

History of ANVIPED:

  • 15/09/2014, constitutional act and approval of the Statutes.

  • 16/09/2014, payment of fees and application for registration with the Ministry of the Interior.

  • 01/11/2014, publication of this website at

  • 07/11/2014, registration in the National Register of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior.

  • 16/11/2014, publication of this website in the domain of ANVIPED

  • 21/11/2014, obtaining the CIF.

  • 01/01/2015, date of official start of activity.


Javier Marzal Mercader

Founder and President of ANVIPED
Since 2010, victim of the systemic corruption of the Civil Guard in Rivas-Vaciamadrid and Arganda del Rey, and of the judicial corruption of the Courts of Arganda del Rey, the Public Prosecutor's Office of Alcalá de Henares, the Provincial Court of Madrid, the National Court, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the Ministry of the Interior and the General Council of the Judiciary.

ABUSOCRACIA Javier Marzal SYNOPSIS of the work:

This work is a public denunciation of the defenselessness of the citizen before the institutional machinery that takes advantage of a real experience of the author. When he tries to help a woman, both of them middle-aged, they ask for police and judicial defense, finding themselves with the opposite: the Abusocracy.

A succession of intriguing and surprising situations, where the great power of fear and lies in Spain intervenes. It shares a journey through the different human dimensions, philosophy of life, feelings, social and psychological assessments of the participants.

It provides useful information on some laws and on the functioning of the police and the judiciary, concluding with an in-depth analysis of the institutional problem, initiatives and suggestions for improvement.

Introduction chapter in Spanish

ISBN paper: 978-84-9991-512-8;
ISBN E-book
: 978-84-9991-571-5



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